Zero Disruption Upgrade of Crisis Management Software

Longstanding global offshore oilfield service provider was looking to upgrade its crisis and emergency management system


Deliver a replacement that would provide access to the most modern cloud technology advantages in a timely manner without disrupting the workflow of the global response team


Oilfield Service Provider


Energy, Oil & Gas


  • Cloud Software Development
  • Agile Project Management


After a 6-month evaluation culminating in a worst-case global crisis scenario test, the decision was made to upgrade to Crisis Manager 4.0

  • Customer trust maintained and further secured
  • Very positive feedback from all project participants and decision makers
  • Worst case exercise designed to test the limits of the system, which was passed with flying colors


  • Implementation took only 11 weeks
  • Rapid response to project inquiries and requests were critical to maintaining progress and exceeding client expectations


Client able to arm a mission critical global team with a superior tool without disruption or loss of productivity.

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