Real-time Crisis Management for Global Fleet

Global offshore oilfield service provider has used Crisis Manager solution for 10+ years to manage training exercises and a wide range of incidents and emergencies 


Needed a solution to provide real-time insight and control over a global operation spanning 6 continents, 20+ offices, dozens of offshore vessels, and thousands of employees


Oilfield Service Provider


Energy, Oil & Gas


  • Cloud Software Development
  • Agile Project Management


Crisis Manager was implemented immediately in 2010 out of necessity to be able to respond to one of the largest ever offshore accidents and subsequent environmental disasters.
  • Implemented with minimal training
  • Flexibility and intuitive functionality allowed end users to see direct and instantaneous benefits
  • Use of system has expanded over time to successfully manage cyber attacks, severe weather, medical emergencies, and more


  • Supports effective collaboration across the organization
  • Seamless and effective notification and resource mobilization
  • Role-based controls provide secure remote access


Client has used the solution to successfully manage ~800 training exercises and over 150 recorded incidents.

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