New Digital Platform Development

Client’s core business is under pressure due to market dynamics and regulatory uncertainty. The company wanted to expand delivery of their professional consulting services through a digital platform.


Design and develop a brand-new platform in a rapid timeframe that would allow Client to help their customers comply with existing regulations and new requirements that will become effective starting in late 2020 thru early 2021.


Site Planning and Mitigation


Energy, Oil & Gas


  • Cloud Software Development
  • Agile Project Management
  • Product Development


Worked with Client to design a custom solution that would address their needs for a secure cloud-based multi-client portal. Developed and scheduled to deploy a fully-functioning platform in 14 weeks, something that could’ve taken 9-15 months using conventional methods.


  • QuickBase – low-code; difficult to scale & integrate, not enterprise quality
  • Traditional development firm – timeframe not competitive, not as customizable, lacked breadth of functionality & capabilities
  • Stitch together single purpose apps – difficult to scale, integrate & customize, not enterprise quality


  • 15 integrated applications including a custom CRM, GIS, IOT, Project Collaboration, Alert & Notification, Task Management, Meetings, Reports & Dashboards, etc  
  • Role-based access control through one single integrated platform
  • Secure, multi-client access


Client has scalable and agile cloud software platform delivered in a fraction of the time relative to other market alternatives.
Nubes tech partnership allowed client to go to market faster and focus on building new business.

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