Rapid Cloud Application Modernization

IntraPoint needed to upgrade its Crisis Manager application to incorporate modern cloud software technology to expand functionality and capabilities and enhance its competitive market positioning


Replace the existing version of software that had 200,000+ lines of code and took 9 years to develop utilizing hundreds of developer months




Crisis and Emergency Management Software
Governance, Risk, and Compliance


  • Cloud Software Development
  • Agile Project Management
  • Product Development


Crisis Manager 4.0 was developed using the NubesSoft platform and productivity tools in only 9 months


  • Developed and deployed 12x faster than previous version
  • Solution ranked as technical leader by Gartner among global Crisis/Emergency Management solutions
  • Expanded functionality and capabilities broaden range of potential use cases


  • Power of NubesSoft platform enabled 12x faster development timeline
  • Enhanced scalability, flexibility, and ease of onboarding
  • Has passed worst-case test scenarios with flying colors


IntraPoint’s new modular solution built on the NubesSoft Platform enables a rapid and highly integrated solution that can scale as the business needs change. Updates and new capabilities can be developed or integrated in weeks instead of months.

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