Simplifying Cloud Business Software Development, Deployment, and Operations

We use AI, ML, and robot technologies to automate and improve collaboration, data access, and business operations. 

We love solving problems...but what we love even more is helping you solve problems to get better control of your business

While there are best practices, customer expectations, legal and regulatory requirements, industry standards and governance models that companies must manage, every organization, department, business unit, manager, and employee has specific business processes, data access requirements, and procedures that enable success.

To compete most effectively, companies need to understand how employees, processes, and data can be combined through the use of modern technology most efficiently to generate desired business outcomes.

This is very difficult to do with standard “one-size-fits-all” software/technology or legacy applications and building custom software is complex, time consuming, and costly to not only build but also operate.

The cloud software development platform and suite of productivity tools NubesSoft built allows the company to deliver enterprise quality software solutions much faster and more cost effectively while enabling easier integrations and customizations and avoiding expensive and lengthy project timelines.


NubesSoft partners with your preferred business consultants to  deliver high quality and cost effective solutions.


We work with your subject matter experts and external advisors to optimize and streamline critical business processes. 


We build high quality enterprise cloud software and integrations 25-300% faster than market using AI, ML, robots and productivity tools with smaller agile teams.


We deploy and operate cloud software on most common cloud infrastructures and build the service level that fits your business.

NubesSoft is a partner and facilitator that can work with internal resources and/or external consultants to understand your unique core business processes and data environment and help determine how to optimally leveage cloud technologies. Our innovative high productivity development and operation tools help to harness innovation and improvement rapdily while directly generating meaningful ROI.

"Our mission is to make cloud business software more accessible, agile and integrated with your business and workforce!"

We have built a software development machine that builds better software

The Nubes software development machine consists of a sophisticated combination of our proprietary robots, our people, and other advanced technologies.

We spend every day continuously applying our knowledge and expertise to improve the power and capabilities of this machine. The platform for fast and agile development of standard apps, custom apps, integrations and efficient operations is here for you.

Our History

Working with cloud/web-based business software since the earliest days of the internet

In 2012, our core team received a large research grant supported by the Norwegian Government, academia, and the Oil & Gas and Transportation industries to evaluate information security in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet areas. 

Our core technology team has been directly involved in the evolution of the Internet from academic research projects in the 90s to creating and delivering hundreds of commercial software projects and SaaS products over the last 20+ years.

Progress was lost and the team had to pivot the research project toward how to develop scalable enterprise cloud software at speed with small agile distributed expert teams.

Experience from the 90s in AI, ML and Robot technology was applied to new cloud technologies. The result was that a disruptive process was discovered to remove bottlenecks and pain points that have elevated the cost and amount of time required in conventional software development. The platform and productivity tools that exist today were built to support and automate a real time integrated cloud DevOps process. These tools were then used to upgrade IntraPoint’s existing governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) products earning recognition from global analysts as the technical leader in the space.

NubesSoft was spun-off from IntraPoint on June 1st 2020 to focus on continuing to develop and improve our high productivity technology platform and make it available to the broader business software market.

Our Founder, Tore Nilsen, moved from Norway to Silicon Valley to spend 4 years learning from the best in order to build new technology for the future.

It was a culture shock finding that the main focus in Silicon Valley at the time was building business to consumer applications and there was very little attention being paid to enterprise software. Development processes were oriented around large teams that were well supported by large venture capital investors and it was hard to compete for top notch developers.

NubesSoft was spun-off from IntraPoint on June 1st 2020 to focus on continuing to develop and improve our high productivity technology platform and make it available to the broader business software market.

Meet Some of Our People

Tore Nilsen

Founder & CEO

John Blakie

Co-Founder & VP, Customer Experience

Ørjan Wollebæk​

Co-Founder & Development Manager

We aim to build long lasting relationships with customers and partners.