NubesSoft High Productivity Platform

Unique Combination of Proprietary Cloud Native DevOps Processes and Enabling Cloud Technologies

Over the course of many years, we have invested in optimizing cloud software development and operation processes and software management tools to accelerate time to market and improve business outcomes and customer experience. This has been achieved by creating and standardizing new processes and using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robot technology together with Low/No Code developer tools and the use of small agile teams.


Nubes CloudOS

Standardized cloud server operating system based on Linux. Includes everything required for security, file & database management, webserver, and develop, test, and production environments. Runs on virtual environment and compliant with all major cloud infrastructure providers.

Nubes Software Library

Large library of microservices, NubesSoft and thid-party business apps, mobile apps, business solutions, and integrations used as building blocks for solutions. Start with a selection of standard components, remove what is not required, and add what is missing to save time, maintain flexibility, learn and improve fast, and regain control.

Nubes CloudDesktop

Web-based online desktop environment available across desktop and mobile devices.
Comprehensive role-based control provides seamless and secure access to systems, workflows, apps, and customizable user features, menus, and relevant content.

Nubes Cloud DevOps

Combination of proprietary cloud native development and operation processes (DevOps) and productivity tools. Streamlines and accelerates planning, development, testing, deployment, operations, monitoring, learning, customizations, and product improvements.

"At Nubes, our AI and Machine Learning robots build the basics to free up key developer time to address complex problems and continually improve the robots."

Nubes DevOps Tools

Nubes CloudDevOps tools are integrated with Nubes CloudOS to automate processes for developing, testing, and production deployment.

The backbone of our system is a collection of proprietary robots that streamline and accelerate all phases of the software development lifecycle. Simplified requirements and specifications are optimized for robot consumption, which are then used to automate the coding process to shorten the overall development timeline and optimize the use of available resources. Unit and functional testing are greatly reduced or eliminated so that focus can be concentrated on user acceptance testing. Automation components of our DevOps processes are used to standardize and optimize the release and deployment phases. And lastly, the operations, monitoring, and continuous development phases are streamlined to support rapid iteration, integrations, customizations, and ongoing improvements.

The end result is that we can deploy standard software and create custom software in record time. When we combine this with our library of standard apps, microservices, and integrations, we are able to deliver a commercially viable solution faster than the amount of time typically required to implement standard out-of-the-box enterprise software. 

NubesSoft is redefining how businesses operate by making it faster and more cost effective to build and operate cloud software that is easier to integrate and customize to provide real-time control and insight.

Meet Our Lightning Fast Robots

Albert AI

Specifications and Prototyping

The Albert AI Robot assists and helps with specifications and prototyping. Streamlines the process of creating inputs for Grace.

Named after Albert Einstein and his skills of documenting real world problems and making them understandable for others.

Grace AI

Databases and User Interfaces

The Grace AI Robot understands data models, wireframes, GUI prototypes and workflows, and creates code in seconds.

Named after Grace Hopper, the designer of Harvard’s Mark I computer in 1944 and co-inventor of COBOL.

Henry AI

Customization Automation

The Henry AI Robot monitors everything done in our low/no code tools and automatically updates the code and deploys changes in seconds.

Named after Henry Ford who invented the assembly line allowing normal workers to consistently produce high quality cars for the mainstream market via process improvement and standardization.

Nubes PageDesigner

Low/No code editing tool. First generation launched in 2001, 5th generation launched in 2020.

Historically, it has been difficult to create high quality enterprise software without creating millions of lines of code. Albert AI and Grace AI combine to create high quality code lightning fast.

PageDesigner, our proprietary low/no code editing tool, allows code to be edited directly by either hardcore developers or business users or consultants with no coding skills who can revise user interfaces, data models, integrations, and workflows using a drag and drop WYSIWIG tool. Henry AI monitors all revisions and automatically updates the code and deploys the changes. System controls log all activity and allow rollback to previous versions if necessary.

Examples of Microservices, Apps, and Integrations

Contact Management

Wide array of features to manage contacts, customers, partners, investors, members, competitors, stakeholders, and prospects using business card scanning, file import/export, dashboards, reports, and other capabilities.


GIS and Mapping

Large range of 2D/3D GIS and map solutions using Google Maps or ESRI ArcGIS. These can be combined with IoT sensors, site/location planning tools, other real-time data, and geofencing.

High Volume Messaging

High volume messaging with response and delivery confirmation using Email, SMS and Robocalling. Often combined with automatic workflows, alert & notification, and location/GIS-based messaging where proof of delivery or response is required by regulations.

Voice to Text and Text to Voice

Text-to-voice or voice-to-text conversion for a large number of languages. Often used in Robocalling for alert & notification or customer care. Support multiple cloud services for conversion including voice input to forms and data fields.

Video, Multimedia, 3D & VR

Live video, video archives, online meetings, meeting notes synced with video, video editing, computer vision, digital twins, 2D/3D models, and VR content.

Robot Process Automation

Automate and integrate data collection and manual computer processes using enterprise RPA vendors and consulting companies.

Task and Checklists

Task management, checklists, calendars, project timelines, Gantt charts, and Kanban tools for improving collaboration, managing online project workspaces, file sharing, project planning, and project management.

Files and Documents

File & multimedia libraries, document management with historic version control, secure and complete role-based access control, and automatic activity log. Integrations with 3rd-party office tools and file storage services.

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Dashboards, Analytics & Reports

Large library of graphs and drill down reports, Cloud-based spreadsheet component with formula generator, wide array of functions for data filtering and analysis. Save filters, create triggers, and connect to alarms & notifications. Auto distribution of pdf reports. Integrations with 3rd-party analytics tools.

Security Measures & Role-based Access Control

Login via multi-factor authentication using many different methods – email and password or phone number and password. Reset password function. Integrations with MS AD, LDAP and multiple SSO. Complete role-based access control for apps, features, menus, forms, dashboards, reports, documents, files, tables, data, fields, and content.

Data Import, Export & Integrations

Robots automatically create data import templates for specific for different data models and structures. Export as .xml, .csv, or custom formats. Loosely or tightly coupled integrations using SOAP, REST API, MQTT, IOT brokers, or custom integration objects.

Mobile Apps

Responsive design on all web applications to support a variety of screen sizes and types. Native apps on Windows, iOS, and Android devices connected to hybrid app server with full role-based access control, device control, and central user setup. Access to wide range of hardware sensors including cameras, GPS, files, local cache content, and offline use. Support connection to multiple hybrid app servers.

Paper or PDF to Cloud Forms

Effective conversion of paper and pdf forms to cloud databases and cloud apps. Includes form input app, cloud database, form approve/review workflow, dashboards, reports, case management, and data population/syncing with other business applications or conversion to pdf for archiving.

AI and ML Support

Support integrations with a wide array of cloud services for OCR, computer vision, voice-to-text, text-to-voice, data analytics, RPA, and others.

Design - GUI and UX

Large library of user experience objects with templates for the most common responsive screen setups. Can be assembled for custom setup. Built-in graphical design themes. Seamlessly switch between built-in themes via menu dropdown. Incorporate custom designs to meet specific branding profiles.

Cloud Software & App Migration

Robots and frameworks support converting data models and documentation from standard and custom legacy systems to cloud native software in record time. Also support connecting to legacy systems to create web and mobile apps.

Databases and GUI

Create new databases or import old databases preserving all content and existing relationships. Create all code and predict and built all required user interfaces. Edit and customize with Nubes PageEditor and optimize GUI or custom GUIs for different user roles.

Low/No Code & Inline Editing

Inline editing component for simple to advanced text, spreadsheet, form, dashboard, and report production. Low/no code tools for database, app, menu, form, dashboard, report, search, filter, GIS/maps that can be customized to support specific conditions and software architectures.

Excel to Web & Mobile Apps

Efficiently convert Excel and other spreadsheets to web and mobile apps and cloud databases.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Track, manage, and monitor sensors using sensor databases, dashboards, triggers, and alarms. Built GIS/Maps and digital twins. Connect to tasks, checklists, and alert & notification (email, SMS, robocalling) system.

Workflow, Review & Approve

Build review and approval into any applications, documents, tasks, checklists, etc. Monitor any data table/field and automatically trigger workflows and actions.

In addition to the above, NubesSoft and its partners have data models, workflows, and apps for a wide range of business applications in Finance, KPI/OKR, Collaboration, Case Management, Ticketing & Support, Issue/Incident/Crisis/Business Continuity Management, Meeting Management, Resource & Asset Management, Governance, Risk & Compliance, HR, Knowledge Management, Product Management, Business Process Management, Health, Safety & Environment, and more.

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