Reliable and Scalable Cloud Business Solutions

Issue and Operations Management

Businesses today operate in a highly competitive and fluid world. They must be able to manage through daily operations and crisis situations in parallel. Our Issue and Operations Management solution provides robust capabilities for management of Support and Ticketing, Crisis and Emergency logistics and Governance Risk & Compliance.

  • Support and Ticketing Management
  • Task Tracking and Project Management
  • KPI & OKR Tracking

Fleet & Remote work Management

From globally distributed organizations to regional transportation handlers and field services companies, tracking assets and people can be a challenging for highly distributed organizations. Our Fleet Management and Remote Workforce Solutions enable companies to integrate IoT, GIS & Map systems, web/mobile apps and remote access to deliver unprecedented connectivity and employee productivity.

  • Human Resources Management
  • GIS and Mapping Systems
  • Cloud-based Desktop

Customer Relationship Management

Understanding a business’ customers is critical to staying competitive and delivering value. However, in many cases customer data is spread across many different company systems and databases. Our Customer Relationship Management system centralizes, manages, and integrates customer data across business system silos enabling a complete view of customers.

  • Contact Management
  • Customer Data Management
  • Membership Management

Facility & Asset Management

In today’s modern world, businesses depend on their facilities, critical infrastructure, and IT systems. Monitoring, managing and servicing these assets can be complex and expensive. Our Facility and Asset Management solution enables businesses to manage and monitor  electrical, HVAC, IT, and mechanical systems to reduce cost and increase efficiency.

  • Asset and Resource Management
  • Critical Infrastructure/IT
  • Dashboards, Analytics, & Reports

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

We build modern fleet management solutions using IoT, GIS, Drones, mobile apps, web apps, and business apps. Some of our systems support thousands of units and millions of sensors.

Our platform is perfect for businesses delivering “as-a-service” offerings on a recurring basis and need real-time monitoring to maintain quality and reliability.

  • Robot Process Automation
  •  Financial & Payment Management
  • Inventory Tracking & Management

Real-time Collaboration and Data Sharing

Many business have a large number of legacy systems that are risky and complex to move to cloud.

NubesSoft has special productivity tools to address these large problems and help customers reduce technology debt.

  • Files and Document Management
  • Data Import, Export & Integrations
  • High Volume Messaging

Large Library of Business Applications, Microservices and Custom Solutions

Over the last 20 years we have built a large number of different internet/cloud business applications, solutions, platforms and integrations.

We develop high productivity tools and processes that allow us to deliver and deploy solutions much faster and with better quality using small agile teams. We can operate our software in private cloud environments or on global leading cloud infrastructure. And we utilize a continuous DevOps process to support any specific service level agreement (SLA) requirements and all maintenance, updates, product improvements, or future development roadmaps.

Our Library of capabilities can be combined to build complex highly customized applications very quickly

We use AI and Machine Learning to automate the build of custom business software applications in seconds

Real-time Crisis Management for Global Fleet

Needed a solution to provide real time insight and control over a global operation spanning 6 continents, 20+ offices, dozens of offshore vessels, and thousands of employees

New Digital Platform Development

Client has scalable and agile cloud software platform delivered in a fraction of the time relative to other market alternatives. Nubes tech partnership allows client to go to market faster and focus on building new business.

Professional Cloud Software Development and Cloud Operations

We have significant experience in developing software for the business to business (B2B) and the business to partner (B2P) markets. Solutions we have delivered support small and medium sized businesses up to global enterprises across industry verticals including Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Transportation & Logistics, ICT & Critical Infrastructure, Hospitality, Travel, Telecom, Government, and a wide range of different organizations (both for profit and non-profit).

We have worked with companies in highly regulated industries and have often pioneered the use of cloud technologies to lift and shift older legacy systems to the cloud. In addition, we love helping our customers use modern cloud technologies to create new innovative solutions with the aim of disrupting a business vertical.

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